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Fairy Land

Where the faeries live

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~You MUST fill out an appilication to join! (This is NOT a rating community)
~You can not post until your app has been aproved, you've been given a Fairy Name, and you've been put in a Fairy group!
~Fill out the entire application
~At the end of every post make sure you put your FAIRY NAME at the bottom of the post.
~We will refer to each member by there fairy names.
~Please be kind to other faeries(members)
~If you so not like your fairy name you can change it, but only once! Please post that you want it changed.
Only post anything fairy or other mystical creatres related.(Including graphics, info, ect.) YOU May also post intros!
~To show that you have read the rules, where it says "Do You Believe?", put "I Believe in Faeries". You will not be accepted until you put that.
~You can get banned if you do not follow the rules.

~LJ username:
~Zodiac Sign: (aquarius, libra, ect.)
~Age: (optinal)
~Pick a Word/Set of words: (listed below)
~Do you Believe?:

~Words/Set of Words~
'the adored and beautiful'
'elf darling'
'not talkative'
'the fair'
'of captivating power'
'a woman'
'orange beauty'
'little angel'
'of the river'
'sky jewel'
'she that makes me happy'
'fairy queen'
'the most beautiful'
'ivory jewel'
'french 'gold flower'
'the golden'
'the divine'
'elf gift'
'water thyme'
'to glisten'
'the manifestation'
'the glorious'
'to delight the heart and mind'
'sweetly scented'
'fairy or elf'
'fairy fate'
'fair one'
'happy one'
'little dimple'
'earth goddess'
'the sweet'
'fragrant warmth'
'frail flower'
'a bird' fiercely protective'
'flower 'Lily'
'beautiful Lily'
'honey~sweet flower'
'little bell'
'Scandinavian 'elf'
'sweetly fragrant'
'old Irish'
'heavenly blue flower'
'fairy palace'
'3rd born fairy'
'peoples princess'
'the delicate'
'she that makes me happy'
'the one'
'the beautiful'
'of the forest'
'the fair'

~The Fairy Groups~
I'll place you in the group that your name ad app describes
Water Faeries
Fire Faeries
Air Faeries
Earth Faeries

~Members/Fairy Name/Fairy Group~
charmedxchic/Abella/Air Faeries
moonprancing/Carita/Fire Faeries
scisrhands/Cerylita/Fire Faeries
blu_chick/Estrellita/Earth Faeries
againstme356/Sorcha/Earth Faeries
angeltripp/Melissa Greek/Earth Faeries
controlfreek/Sarette/Fire Faeries
tereluvslance/Amelinda/Air Faeries
mzalicious/Rosalva/Earth Faeries
haj33086/Loxy/Fire Faeries
faery_fall/Ariella/Water Faeries
morganalafae/Faylinn/Air Faeries
physchocasper/Nyx/Water Faeries
tritis_angelousCelinette/Fire Faeries
ladylilah/Leleini/Air Faeries
faeribear/Lunette/Air Faeries
thefaeriegirl/Elysia/Air Faeries
halleyscometmsu/Fayette/Fire Faeries
st_alia/Abrosine/Fire Faeries
lilfairywingsNiada/Earth Fairies
ifinallyhavehim/Alura/Earth Fairies
xxhitmeharderxx/Christalle/Water Faeries
gratified__star/Clairette/Water Faeries
onthaedge/Ambrosine/Earth Faeries

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